Crystal white: The Altai marble is white in color with crystalline structure. Light gray hues also appear, according to the research half of the quarry resource is estimated as white marble. Its crystal component makes the marble translucent with great light penetration effect.
Durable: The Altai marble has strong characteristics to withstand harsh weather condition. It has low water absorption rate of 0.08%~0.3%, meets the marble standards used in construction materials in USA. In addition, international laboratory tests has confirmed that marble has compressive resistance strength of 44.3MPa after freezing.
Eco-friendly: The Altai marble is eco-friendly product with low health impact to environment. The radiation emission of marble is very low compared to other marbles, which is 15 times less than the tolerance of the human body.
Flexible: Though having crystalline structure, the Altai marble has unique characteristic of high flexibility, making it suitable for building exteriors and carvings. It has density of 2.7 kg/m3 and flexural strength of 6.93 Mpa which meets with allowable levels of American standart.
Calcite rich The Altai marble has rich calcitic component, 90%-99% of its chemical component is CaCo3. This makes the rock suitable for calcium carbonate powder and cement production. Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in agricultural and chemical products such as animal feeding, soil and forest treatments, paper, paint, and plastic productions.